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By PorscmodetvTags porsche, cars, porsche restoration, classic porsche, porsche servicingDate Added 2011-11-23Views 27832Flag as inappropriate

Video by porschemode.tv of 1968 912 RS fully restored, 930 Flat nose, and a 996 Turbo

Hi, welcome to Porscmode.tv. This is a site devoted to Porsche cars. At porschemode we have built a level of expertise and experience allowing us to deliver a high quality service.

We decided that we'd like to start sharing our work with people who share the same passion as us. We'll be adding videos showing the restoration of classic porsche vehicles and then us "taking them for a spin"!!

Have a look though and if you'd like to know anything else about what we do or would just like to get to know us, then drop us an email at: quality@porschemode.com